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Brazil Visa Types

The Brazilian Government issues 14 different types of visa depending on your purpose of travel. There are three categories: VIVIS, VITEM or Diplomatic/Official. Please note that some VITEM visas require a personal appearance.

VIVIS - 90 day max duration of stay

  • Tourism
  • Visiting Relatives and/or friends
  • Business meetings
  • Transit
  • Conference/Seminars/Tradeshows
  • Adoption of Brazilian Children
  • Filming Crews/Photographers
  • Journalists
  • Aircraft or Ship crew members
NOTE: Holders of the VIVS visas are not permitted to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.

  • Academic Research
  • Cultureal Research

  • Apprenticeship (profession training exchange program)
  • News Correspondents
  • Work
    • Technical Assistance
    • Technology Transfer
    • General Employment

  • Artists and sportspersons

  • Internship (supervised academic echange program)
  • Study

VITEM VII (requires personal appearance)
  • Missionary work

VITEM VIII (requires personal appearance)
  • Voluntary work

VITEM IX (requires personal appearance)
  • Investments

VITEM XI (requires personal appearance)
  • Temporary Residence - family reunion based on
    • Marriage
    • Cohabitation/Civil Partnership

VITEM XIII (requires personal appearance)
  • Temporary Residence for nationals of countries that adhere to the MERCOSUL Residence Agreement

  • Diplomatic/Official visits (applies for those who hold an Offical or Diplomatic passport)


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